63. Konwersatorium Krystalograficzne, Wrocław 29 VI - 1 VII 2022 r.
Baner 62. Konwersatorium Krystalograficznego 2021



Registration for the 63rd Polish Crystallographic Meeting

In order to register for the Meeting, please fill in the questionnaire below and send it by clicking on the Submit (Prześlij) button.

The participant may submit only: (i) either one plenary lecture, (ii) or one poster, (iii) or a lecture and a poster. In case of option (iii), please declare the lecture first, and the poster can be submitted in the next section of the questionnaire.

After submitting the registration questionnaire, you will see confirmation of its submission and the option to print / save its content.


Registration for the PTKryst Workshop



 Abstract submission

Abstracts of plenary talks and poster presentations should be sent to the address of the Meeting: konwersatorium@intibs.pl by June 19, 2022, only in editable formats (docx, doc, odt).

Please strictly adhere to the format and typography of the abstract attached below. The abstract cannot be longer than 2 pages.


The files containing the abstract should be named: Surname_Name_R.docx (in the case of a lecture) or Surname_Name_P.docx (in the case of a poster).

The participant may only send abstract of: (i) either one lecture , (ii) or one poster, (iii) or a paper and a poster

The organizers will confirm the submission of each abstract by a separate e-mail.