63. Konwersatorium Krystalograficzne, Wrocław 29 VI - 1 VII 2022 r.
Baner 62. Konwersatorium Krystalograficznego 2021

Conference mode

The conference will be conducted on-line using the Cisco Webex platform.

A few days before the start of the conference, all registered participants will receive e-mails with links to the plenary sessions and to separate "rooms" where poster presentations and meetings with companies will be held. You will find all the necessary information on how to connect to conference events on this website.

During the plenary lectures, speakers are asked to illustrate their speeches with presentations run on their own computers. Poster presentations, made available during the discussion in front of the posters, can be in any form - e.g. a classic single poster in pdf or jpg format, or in the form of a Power Point presentation consisting of several slides.

You can participate in meetings conducted on the Cisco Webex platform both on stationary devices (PC and Mac computers) and on mobile devices running on Android. You can connect using a web browser (Chrome is preferred), but it is worth downloading and installing the Webex Meet application.





If you do not have the Cisco Webex Meeting application installed, we recommend that you install it. You can do it right after clicking on the link to the conference that we will send you on Wednesday, June 23.

When logging in to the Cisco Webex Meeting application, enter your first and last name, which will be visible to other conference participants, and enter your work email address below. In the Name and Surname field, please do not enter initials, nicknames, etc. The meeting administrator will remove people who will not be registered conference participants.



Plenary sessions of the conference will be held in the Main Session of the Cisco Webex platform. Link to this session for Thursday, June 24, you will receive by e-mail on Wednesday, link for Friday, June 25, we will send on Thursday.

Other meetings will be organized in Breakout Sessions, divided as follows:

Breakout Sessions 1-52   Posters 1-52 (posters A-01 - A-52 on the first day of the conference, B-01 - B-52 on the second day). Breakout Sessions will be available throughout the day.
Breakout Sessions 53-60 and 89-99    Ad hoc meetings of participants that can be arranged individually at any time during the conference.
Breakout Sessions 61-86   Meetings of participants with lecturers at each official Break of the conference immediately after a given lecture.
Breakout Sessions 61 - 86 correspond to presentations O-01 to O-26. Lecturers will be asked to switch to the appropriate Breakout Session and be available there for at least the 30 minute break.
Breakout Sessions 61 - 86   are reserved for all Lecturers for 2 days of the conference, regardless of the day on which they deliver their papers. Lecturers can also conduct ad hoc meetings there.
Breakout Sessions 87, 88   Company stands
Breakout Session 87: Rigaku Europe (monocrystalline diffractometers)
Breakout Session 88: Testchem (Rigaku powder diffractometers)

All Breakout Sessions will be available throughout the day.



In the Main Session, the right to present files will be granted by the Administrator in accordance with the conference program.

In Breakout Sessions 1-52 (poster presentations) and 61-88 (meetings with lecturers and company stands), the right to present files will be granted by the Administrator in accordance with the poster session program after the participant joins a given Breakout Session.

In Breakout Sessions 53-60 and 89-99 intended for ad hoc meetings of conference participants, the right to present files will be granted by the Administrator at the request of the person participating in the Session.


Chat is available in the Main Session and in every Breakout Session. Using it, you can send a message to all meeting participants or only to a selected participant.

During the Main Session, you can arrange an ad hoc meeting in one of the Breakout Sessions 53-60 or 89-99.

Breakout Session chat is not visible in the Main Session.

The poster presenter can use the chat in his Breakout Session to post a link to the poster presentation in the cloud. Conference participants joining a given Breakout Session, especially during the temporary absence of the presenter, will be able to see the presentation. The organizers, however, do not provide cloud space, nor are they responsible for the content they share.

The chat can also be used by people visiting a given Breakout Session, leaving information in the chat for the person presenting.